Psychosexual character analysis

My adviser in grade six would have a discussion with me after class because I refuse to do my projects and home works. If we are… How Many Pages is Words?

Frustration, Overindulgence, and Fixation Some people do not seem to be able to Psychosexual character analysis one stage and proceed on to the next.

Anal character, Phallic character, Latency character and Genital character.

Freud's Psychosexual Stage Theory

Postulates of this Model: Freud's theories are largely criticized now as lacking in substantial corroborative data. Early or harsh potty training can lead to the child becoming an anal-retentive personality who hates mess, is obsessively tidy, punctual and respectful of authority.

NB Freud used the term 'sexual' in a very general way to mean all pleasurable actions and thoughts.

Freud's Psychosexual Stage Theory

This is all related to pleasure got from holding on to their faeces when toddlers, and their mum's then insisting that they get rid of it by placing them on the potty until they perform!

In Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-year-old Boythe case study of the boy " Little Hans " Herbert Graf, —73 who was afflicted with equinophobiathe relation between Hans's fears - of horses and of father - derived from external factors such as the birth of his sister, and internal factors like the desire of the infantile id to replace father as companion to mother, as well as guilt for enjoying the masturbation normal to a boy of his age.

He reported that in the insular matriarchal society of the Trobriand, boys are disciplined by their maternal uncles, not their fathers; impartial, avuncular discipline. Upon discovering this, he pokes his eyes out and becomes blind.

Freud stressed that the first five years of life are crucial to the formation of adult personality.

Electraby Sophocles. Fixation and conflict may prevent this with the consequence that sexual perversions may develop. Freud offered the Little Hans case study as evidence of the Oedipus complex.

Psychosexual Stages

The genital stage affords the person the ability to confront and resolve his or her remaining psychosexual childhood conflicts. The focal objects for the developing child's energy serves to define five main stages of psychological development: Yet, the boy Hans was unable to relate fearing horses to fearing his father.

The girl resolves this by repressing her desire for her father and substituting the wish for a penis with the wish for a baby.Finn is one of the main characters of Glee. He is the lead male singer and drummer, as well as the quarterback of the football team.

He is constantly harassed for being in Glee, and is admirable for staying in the club simply because he loves it.

Psychosexual development

He is extremely naive, and protective over his mother. Harry Guntrip wrote that Freud's The Ego and the Id only gained practical importance when Reich's Character Analysis and Anna Freud's The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence were published, as these books first placed ego-analysis at the centre of psychoanalytic therapy.

Explanations > Learning Theory > Freud's Psychosexual Stage Theory The stages | Fixation | So what Sigmund Freud developed a theory of how our sexuality starts from. The fourth stage of psychosexual development is the latency stage that spans from the age of six years until puberty, wherein the child consolidates the character habits he or she developed in the three, earlier stages of psychologic and sexual development.

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Psychosexual Character Analysis Essay Zharmaine Aguirre Psy21 Psychosexual Character Analysis There are five Psychosexual Character Types, namely: Oral character. Anal character, Phallic character, Latency character and Genital character.

Psychosexual character analysis
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