Caste and politics in india essay

With regard to the awareness of political changes and major political problems in the country, he found that higher castes had more interest than the middle and the lower castes.

Caste and Politics in Indian Society

One such reason is establishment of Panchayati Raj institutions. Due to political reasons where castes constitute vote banks for parties; the reservation system is still intact in the country. It still plays an effective role in all walks of political life more at the local, less at state and lesser at national level.

Why caste is still key in Indian politics

The people belonging to different castes, therefore, try to have maximum control over Panchayats. The second type of people who talk of association between caste and politics are those who think that political relationships are projections of social relationships and have no independent capacity to influence the social relationships.

Not only this but they communicate with each other on equal footings, irrespective of their official status. In the state politics Congress party has been in a position to maintain its hold only with their active co-operation. Voting provides an opportunity to castes to assert their influence.

There are certain factors responsible for this. Here the castes have blended religion with politics.

Caste politics

In some parts of the country, caste barriers have become very rigid which have helped in strengthening rather than abolishing caste from society.

The task ahead is of course difficult, but sincere desire and will implement that can solve every problem, including this one as well. Essay on the Strengths of Caste Politics: Ability to organise people.

It came under sharp criticism and protest, and students committed self-immolation protesting against its implementation. It is not only the large castes which affect politics but also the smaller castes which have become important in seeking votes.

Caste and Politics in Indian Society

Things as these at present stand, in our local politics Panchayats have been allowed to have a considerable position and authority. In this stage there was: Reservation in educational institutions became essential as the Scheduled caste people had been deprived of the right of acquiring knowledge and education since long and it would be impossible for them to compete with the upper classes.In India caste identity and solidarities are the primary channels through which electoral and political support is mobilized within the political system.

In Maharashtra the caste politics is played amongst three main castes Marathas. Brahmins and Maha. Short Essay on Properties of Enzymes; Short Essay on Polity and Administration of.

Essay on Caste and Indian Politics

Read this article to learn about the relationship between caste and politics in Indian society. Ideologically, caste and democracy differ from each other and cannot co-exist because caste advocates fragmentation of society whereas democracy stands for the unification of society.

Introduction: Caste based politics in India Though the idea that caste is a part of a natural and moral order of things, that it is a hereditary quality which once for all defines ones position and occupational affiliation and which is associated with a particular law of conduct is rejected both by intellectuals and political leaders, caste is.

The present political System encourages the use of caste as a means of mustering support as well as a means to enable the illiterate and politically ignorant masses of India to participate in the modern democratic process where the caste structure provides one of the most important organizational clusters in which the population is bound to live, politics must-strive to organize through such a structure.

Religion, Caste and Politics in India brings together some of Jaffrelot’s key writings on the upheavals of the s that paved the way for the momentous changes now taking place in contemporary India: Hindu nationalism, lower caste politics, violence, and the dynamics of electoral politics.

Caste system in India

Harold Gould (Economic and Political Weekly, August ), however, is of the opinion that caste has ceased to be a determinant of politics in India. Political Elite, Political Parties and Caste Mobilisation: Caste has become a determinant factor of ‘political elite’ status.

Caste and politics in india essay
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